A European Declaration of Independence

2083 is the manifesto written by Anders Breivik whoo is responsible for the 2011 terrorist attack in Oslo. For most of the 1500 page manifesto it seems as if Breivik has done nothing more than copy and paste articles and sections of other publications together. This makes it come across as long and drawn out. Several times he even uses pieces from the Unabomber’s manifesto. Somewhere in the middle between all the plagiarism is a detailed plan of what Breivik was going to do on July 22 of 2011. It is interesting that he included this but even more so that he had smiley faces 🙂 in there as he was happy about murdering people. I also find it interesting how he chose to spread it out which was via email and I believe a Facebook group.  Granted his options were limited if he didn’t want to be stopped before he got to enact his plan.

Ultimately he received Norway’s equivalent of life in prison which is 23 years and then up for a chance at parole every year or so . after. Despite the fact he killed over 80 people many of whom were children. Now Anders is just sitting in what can be likened to a dorm room complaining that he lives in subhuman conditions because his coffee was served too cold. I know Norway doesn’t have the . death penalty . but this is one individual who deserves it. 

On a final note at the very end of his manifesto there are some pictures of himself. I don’t know why he felt . the need to include them other than to please his narcissistic tendencies.

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