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Book Breaking and Academic Publishing

I think just about everyone can agree that there is not always time to read every page of every reading assignment in great detail. While it may be important to do so for a literature class other classes are a different story. You want to read, get the main ideas and evidence out, and move on to the next reading assignment. That does not mean you should, however, make all scholarly readings just a bullet list of ideas and why they matter. This is where I agree with the article in that we cant have an article on a masterful subject to be condensed into a little list of facts. There are more important details that maybe you can go back and read later on when you have time if you’re interested. This is important as it can lead people on a whole journey that may lead to new discoveries, research, or advancements.

This is what makes this article an engaging read as it expresses the need for the best of both worlds in a journal article or research paper. The author does this successfully by relating to college students with his own experiences in college, and using that to get us as students to see beyond the never ending reading to see that maybe there are things that we have to read that would be something we want to read more later. That is definitely something we need to be reminded of more often because we can lose that in between all 200 pages of reading we have to do in any one night.

More importantly I think this article is something to hold onto for when we start to write our research papers in the future. It will give us a better idea of what to strive for, which is the balance between masterful writing and readability. This is definitely a great find and should be used again.


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