The ISIS Magazine

Dabiq was an interesting read between the persuaive tactics used and the drastic contrast in the pictures. Overall I noticed why it might have been easy for those who dont have much knowledge of the evils ISIS is commiting to fall into their trap after reading several issues of their magazines. Everything thrpughout them is framed in a way to make them seem great. Theres sections where they claim to be helping the orphans. 

Meanwhile just pages before theres photos of the acts of violence they committed in the name of Allah including dead children and beheaded men.


It is also interesting how they use words of those they feel are against them such as Obama as a way to prove their point. In a section titled in the words of our enemy they select a quote that is going against ISIS and flip it around. This is a useful persuasive tactic. However they often refer to their enemies as crusaders which i find strange as it seems they themselves are the crusaders. 
The only other notable thing about the magazines is the extensive sections about how their tactics relate to Islam which can be a bit difficult to read if you are not too familiar with the Quran and the muslim religion. 

Overall it is well put together for a terrorist group despite its disturbing contents. 

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