De Sade’s 120 Days of Sodom

Part 2: days 21-120

From days 21-30 everything seemingly had the same vulgarity as the last chapters. Then we get to the portion of the book that is just drafts written in a bullet point style. This section lacks the disturbing detail from the previous sections yet is more horrifying. Every fetish imaginable is spoken of from raping children as young as 5 vaginally and infants anally to beastiality and torture and even murders. The torture its self is tolerable compared to the insanely gruesome acts of sex recounted in part 2 of the book.

The murder section is quite disturbing as it involves both sexual acts and torture. And then it’s broken down into deaths and when characters will be killed off.

I must admit I shouted in disgust several times while reading part 2. After 50 of the 150 stories ideas in part 2, I started to skim as just couldn’t stomach the amount of pedophilia and use of fecal matter and urine any longer. Besides I got the point this man is sick and so is every character in the novel. I now understand why sadomasochism is named after De Sade. What I fail to understand however is what misfired in his brain and told him this novel was a good idea. What in the world was wrong with this man. I don’t know what was wrong with him that allowed him to come up with this stuff or allowed him to write it. My only recommendation is that you ease next year’s freshmen into this novel a tad more. Most of us, I imagine, have never read anything this graphic and disturbing. The only thing I can even suggest that is a similar experience to reading this novel is the rape scene from The Last House On The Left.  Even that I would take over reading this gut-wrenching novel again.  And despite the mutual feeling of disgust the class seems to have there are people out there who actually LIKE the novel. This fact somehow has me more frightened than the text its self. 


Lastly, I sincerely hope this man, who calls himself a writer, never ever had a chance to act out any of the fantasies involving torture, murder, small children, or animals. 

In the words of Plankton from Spongebob:  

“I’ll remember you all in therapy” 

Just kidding……..sorta. 

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