De Sade’s 120 Days of Sodom

Part 3: Scholarly Introduction

The Introduction to Sodom definitely provided some more context I feel to his wretched text. However I am glad that we were unable to read it first because it would have spoiled some things pertaining to content. 

The introduction seemed to provide more evidence as to why Sade would have written this novel. It provides details of Sades crimes and make it seem like this book is really a giant sexual fantasy he would love to live out but cannot due to his being imprisoned. This is a theory I had and helped to at least provide a little more evidence to support the theory. However the main act that stuck out to me stuck out to me because I found it quite sickening. This would be when he persuaded a handmaid to come into his room and he cut her and then poured hot wax into her cuts. This however is not nearly as disturbing as the entirety of his story to come. 

The act that would have provided some spoilers was when they were discussing the kidnapping of several young girls under the guise of being servants. They then discuss how this might pertain to the harem of little girls. Due to this I feel that should you decide to have students read this in the future I would leave it to the end as you had with us. 

Lastly something that perplexed me was why did his wife stay with him for so long just to divorce him once he was out of prison? Also sickeningly curious to know if she diid manage to get him his special anal sex toy or not. Since his packages and letters going in and out were screened. 

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