Fake Threat of Jewish Communism

This article I found interesting for a few reasons. It provided more context around the holocaust besides Hilter decided that Jews did not fit in with his perfect race and therefore are bad. This is all I had learned through out my 12 years of education. However this article explains the false idea of communist jews and just how much it affected Europe. It also talked about earlier antisemitism that I had previously thought it wasn’t really a big thing until WWII besides during biblical times. However it seems to have started earlier than WWI. The article also brought up the fact that eastern Europe had the mindset after WWII that “they were the innocent victims of the “double occupation” of Hitler and Stalin, while the not-so-innocent Jews had been the accomplices and beneficiaries of Communist rule” (Browning 8). This again was something that I had never previously learned about. All and all this whole notion of Jewish Communism I find fascinating and could probably spend more time looking into it. It would definitely make for an interesting paper. 

Browning, Christopher R. “The Fake Threat of Jewish Communism .”The New York Review of Books, vol. 66, no. 3, 10 Feb. 2019.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum‘Behind the Enemy Powers: The Jew’; a postercreated by the Reich PropagandaAdministration and displayed in the GrandAnti-Masonic Exhibition in Nazi-occupiedBelgrade, which focused on the alleged Jewish-Communist-Masonic conspiracy to achieveworld domination, 1941

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