Gospel of Judas

Commentary on The Gospel of Judas

The Gospel of Judas is the full story of Judas Iscariot and how he betrayed Jesus. Judas was arguably the most intelligent of the disciples which allowed Jesus to share more information about the world and himself. Yet as fate would have it Judas used the information against Jesus and had him arrested in exchange for some money. 

It is difficult to pull the story from the text as there are many lines missing from the gospel. This is due to the poor condition of the original text when it was found.

By WolfgangRieger - The Gospel of Judas. Critical Edition. Washington 2007.
The original text of The Gospel of Judas 

Though there are pieces still missing it is important to share this story. It can be used to understand the history of Christianity. Furthermore it can be used to teach the early history of religious persecution. 



In the bible it is noted that Jesus was crucified in order to pay for our sins. According to history it was because of his teaching and following of a religion that the state did not approve of. Those who followed these teachings were often punished in a similar manner. Unfortunately for these Christians there was no religious freedom in 64 AD. These two discourses allow us to better understand the story of Judas and its impact on history. 

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