Protocals of the Learned Elders of Zion

Initially this text had me confused as I had never heard of any Jewish “cult” trying to take over the world. That s until  remembered where I had seen the title before: in a conspiracy theory book of course. Then it clicked this was a document proven to be fake. For me however it wasn’t the document itself that was interesting as much as the history around the document. It simply appears out of Russia in 1903. From the start it was all around shady seeing as it started photocopier in the garage style around the 1860s. It was used several times by Hitler to justify the holocaust. And it was published by Henry Ford a known antisemitic. Even after it was proven to be plagiarized from a couple of texts. So I honestly would prefer to focus more on the history of this text than the actual text. However it is important to know what is in the text to understand the history. 

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