Satanic Verses


This story follows Gibreel through different portions of his past, present, and dreams. It exhibits elements of magical realism, Hinduism, and Islam. One of the dreams even transforms the story of Muhammad in Mecca. Due to this the story has been seen as offensive to Muslims. Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, issued a fatwa on Rushdie shortly after its release for its use of Muhammed and it promises a fair sum of money should you kill the author. I found the text a bit difficult to follow due to its jumping around. So I had to go back and reread sections after I was given more information. I also had to do some extensive research to put together all of the allusions which made it a tad more difficult to read.  But over all it was a good story and very tame compared to other readings in this course. In fact if I hadn’t looked up why it was “forbidden” I wouldn’t have thought it was. It’s quiet along the lines of The Life of Brian. I think instead I would rather spend more time on one of the more clearly controversial books or readings. Satanic Verses is still a good read though. 

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