The Anarchist Cookbook

A How To on LSD and Bombs

There are many things I find intriguing surrounding this reading. First being how did a teenager gets his hands on all of this information from making LSD and bombs to sabotage and surveillance. Even with the book, he said he used it seems unlikely a book available to the public would instruct you on how to make tear gas or LSD. I also found it intriguing that just a short 5 years later he renounced the book and converted to anglicism. Overall I find some of the information in there useful for things to look out for in the surveillance and the chemistry in relation to the bombs and LSD. Furthermore, I can see the reason why it could be a forbidden text as it calls for an end to all government and of course with the relation to various terrorist attacks both homegrown and international. And with the failure of the company who owns the rights to the book to remove the title after these events I can see why you might call it incendiary. I think it should definitely stay in as a reading assignment especially because it is a breakable book so it is easier to get through the read and still do other assignments. Even reading around it is intriguing. You get to see just how many terrorist attacks have used this as a source and learn about other sects of anarchism and the history of anarchism. Definitely not something I ever thought I would be reading or learning about but glad we read it.

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