The Gospel of Mary Magdala

The Gospel of Mary Magdala: Jesus and the First Woman Apostle Commentary

This article explains most of the content. However ,as was the case with The Gospel of Judas, Mary’s Gospel is missing pieces of the story.  The article also examines how the gospel was discovered and why it took so long to publish even after it was discovered. The discovery of the gospel also begs the question: how many more pieces of christian literature are out there that have yet to be discovered? And how much of it have we lost forever? 

These questions potentially make up the most important aspect of this article. The history of christian literature, and really all literature, help us understand where ideas came from and where we came from, how we as a society evolved. King makes a good point about this as she states “Our picture will always be partial”. We will never truly know all of history. However today we stand a greater chance at remembering history thanks to the internet. She also soeculates as to why the gospel was lost in the first place. Something I had not previously thought about was why were lost texts lost in the first place? 

Maybe peple simply stopped copying it which caused it to stop circulating or maybe it was actively supresed. An arguement for both points could be made. Due to the time period in which the gospel is written however it is more reasonable to assume that it dropped out of circulation. At this time there was no printing press or computers if you wanted to produce copies of something you had to make each copy by hand. This could take days, weeks, or even months to compelete depending on the length of the item to be copied. This is an ample reason to assume that this text and many others that are lost to have disappeared completely. 

What if it was suppressed as suggested earlier? There are only a few reasons I can think of as to why this may have been suppressed. It could have been because of Mary’s occupation. Or maybe it was a simple matter of Mary’s gender. As noticed in the gospel the other disciples were annoyed with the fact that a girl got such an advanced teaching from Jesus. Females, during second century CE, were not allowed to get an education and were revered as only concerned with trivial things. Of course the other possibility as to why it may have been banned would be due to religious persecution. 

Taking these possibilities into account along with the relation with The Gospel of Judas, another writing that was once lost, it seems most likely that the writing stopped being copied and the remaining copies just got lost and buried over thousands of years. 

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