The SCUM Manifesto

This reading was definitely incendiary to our class and I can see why. I wouldn’t call it feminism but feminazism. The writer basically calls for a genocide of all males except those she deems worthy. Even if you are an acceptable male you may not live if you engage in rape, politics, and oddly enough lousy singing. Honestly, the writing comes off as insane and unintelligible. However, if you read around the text you find she tried to kill Andy Warhol since she thought he was going to steal her work. This coupled with the writing comes off more as paranoid schizophrenic to me based on my experience with my paranoid schizophrenic grandmother. Maybe she was mentally ill or maybe she really believed these things and was otherwise sane. The other astounding thing is that the organization N.O.W called her the first champion of women’s rights. I find this funny but also recognize they had only just started as a group they were not near as big as they are now. Overall I really feel these are the rantings of a crazy woman and I am glad she never really acted on any of these things aside from trying to kill Warhol. I also think that the writing wouldn’t have ever got picked up by an actual publishing company had she not tried to kill  Warhol so I guess her insanity did something for her. Also, did you know she charged the price for the SCUM manifesto when she was self-publishing? I think this should also be kept but the actual book should be read and dissected since we did miss out on some of the ramblings of a Taylor Swift Hitler hybrid. 

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