The Turner Diaries

The Turner Diaries is initially a bit confusing putting the timeline together. Since the forward is from way in the future and the rest of the novel is a set of diary entries telling how the apocalypse as it happened from a first person sort of view. Once you piece that together its pretty easy to read and process. The content of the book its self is definitely concerning,  but what should we expect from an avid white supremacists.  You can draw comparisons between the Manson family’s idea of the race war and the novels race war thats laid out. It’s also interesting to see how the book represents gun control legislation and the response. In the book the whole war is started by the “Cohen Act” which bans all guns and the extremely conservative white supremacists lose their minds. We see some of this play out today as more and more people in America are pushing for gun control. I don’t think it would have the same effect that the book is prediction, at least I hope not, but its definitely interesting to see the slight parallels from today and the book. The other thing that happened in the book that made me confused was the portion describing how the Supreme Court legalized rape. The reasoning for this? Evidently it’s racist. That and the all out nuclear war that ensues has me scratching my head. I must remind my self who the book is written by.

Of course even the author (pictured above) looks like a cranky old white supremacist. He also wrote several other pieces of literature including a comic to recruit little kids. The comics portray a very messed up version of history much like the book portrays a messed up war that results in a apocalyptic world. 

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