Dogma is a movie that came out in 1999 focused on two angels trying to get back into heaven after being banished by God. It’s pretty funny over alland interesting how it chooses to portray angels. I think the portrayal is a bit more accurate to the bible than most typical movies or maybe I am imagineing it. It’s also pretty funny how the “prophets” are these stoners obsessed with sex. However the best part of the movie was the scene in which Alan Rickman is proving he is an angel by a lack of reproductive organs.  It was only the best because Hollis walked in as that scene came on and had the most hilarious face of just what the hell ever. 

Due to the content of the film I can definitely see why it might be controversial and I think it could be more so than the Life of Brian.  In reality its only controversial though because people cannot take a joke. 

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